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Gen Con is almost here!

It's almost that time. There are still a couple tickets left for our event on Thursday. We can't wait to see everyone. We also have some more news just before Gen Con. When you purchase your game at our booth, you will receive a bonus character! A.U.T.O. is a new character that can use some of its steam to control the state of the steam vents on the board. During any player's turn! Stop by our booth to check him our or grab some tickets for our event and play with A.U.T.O.
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Gencon is coming!


Gencon posted the interactive exhibit hall map. Roll One Games will be in booth 3056 located in the Entrepreneurs' Avenue section. Visit us there in August to pick up a copy of Gear Grinders.

We will also be hosting events throughout the convention. The games will be played as a grinder style. No elimination, when your character would be eliminated just select another character to continue playing. "But aren't there only 4 characters?" you might say. Not at Gencon! We will have several new characters that we are working on for an upcoming Gear Grinder expansion. You will be able to play with these characters first at Gencon!

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Thank you Gencon

We're back. Gencon was a blast. Thank you to everyone who played games with us, including some returning players from last year. It was great to see everyone again.
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Gencon Game Pickup

It's that time! When registering for Gencon, don't forget to get your tickets to play Gear Grinders with us. We have one event on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

We were not able to get a booth to sell Gear Grinders this year, but you can still get your hands on a copy. When you purchase Gear Grinders, there is an option to pick it up at Gencon at our events (Thursday and Friday 2-4. Saturday 10-12) .Select Gencon PIckup in the shipping options. We'll have your copy ready for you.

See everyone there!

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CincyCon and Gencon

We can't wait to see everyone this weekend. Be sure to stop by our booth and pick up your copy of Gear Grinders. If you haven't played, no problem! We will be doing demos so you can learn and have fun. Also, the first 100 people who demo Gear Grinders will receive a ribbon for being a Gear Grinder Competitor.

Another date to keep in mind is May 17th. Gencon's event registration goes live. Last year, the event tickets sold out quickly, so grab them if you would like to play with us at Gencon. (As a note: the events say 8 players. They combined our events into one. Gear Grinders is for up to 4 players.)

Have a great time gaming!

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We're live!

Holy cow, we are live!

Roll One Games is open for business and we are ready with our new release, Gear Grinders!

It's been a long time coming and I appreciate all the support my friends and family have provided. Without them, I could have never come this far. I would also like to thank all the people who played Gear Grinders at Gencon 2014. I hope you all had fun. I look forward to creating more games and enjoying them with all of you.

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